Is this a Mosquito? No, a Crane Fly

YIKES! Check out the size of that mosquito! Nope, that is NOT a mosquito but it is a Crane Fly. Another name for this creature is Mosquito Hawk but these things do not hunt the mosquito nor do they eat 'em. The Nephrotoma suturalis wulpian is a member of the Diptera family (two wings).

Crane Flies are harmless as adults as they do not bite; basically their only job is to mate and reproduce. The larvae are what causes damage and the only damage that is done (if you can call it that) is to your lawn and that is IF you have thatch or dead areas of lawn (grass). The larvae of these insects feed on the root systems so if you want to see if you have any, dig down about three inches and you might find 'em.

So, if you find a Crane Fly, don't worry. You won't be bitten.