Is that a Bee? No, it's a Hover Fly!

Have you ever seen this little guy? This is a Syrphid or a 'Hoverfly' or 'Flower Fly.' The Syrphids belong to the group of 'true flies' that have only one pair of wings.

FYI: wasps and bees have two pairs of wings.

This little insect is a teeny little thing found in the garden and hovers about, nectaring on flowers. The adults gather nectar and pollen from the flowers and are one of few insects that can digest pollen. It is one of the few flies that can actually digest pollens.

The Syrphid larvae are important in the garden. Many are insectivores and eat aphids, thrips, and other plant-sucking bugs. The larvae look nothing like the adult but are legless and have a tapered (narrow) head. A single larvae can eat hundreds of aphids in just one month! (Note: Some Syrphid fly species feed on fungi)

Hoverflies mimic the bumblebee...this helps to keep the predators away. They also are sting-less so don't worry; you won't get stung!

So, if you see these...
then know your garden is in good hands.