Did you know that Milkweed can be dangerous? The toxicity of Milkweed...

Milkweed is dangerous? Yes, it can be! The milky sap from the Asclepias plant is toxic if ingested (eaten or swallowed). If you have young children, babies, or animals that like to put plants in their mouths, be sure that you keep an eye on them when they are out in the garden, especially if you have Milkweed around.

Speaking of 'eye,' the milky sap is EXTREMELY dangerous if it gets in your eye. Now, how would it get in your eye, you may wonder…the answer is simple. If you pluck a few leaves or flowers, then rub your face or eyes, then chances are, you may just get some of that sap to drip into your eye!

What will happen if the stuff gets in your eye? First, your eye will burn. Then, it will get red and itch. Soon, the cornea will become inflamed and you will lose your vision. You will need to get to an ophthalmologist immediately so that prescription drops can be administered. It will take from a week to two weeks for the pain (yes, it can be quite intense for the first few days!) to lessen and the poor vision to clear.

Even if you wear gloves, just remember to keep your hands AWAY from your face.

And, keep all Milkweed OUT of mouths.

There's a reason Monarchs and other Milkweed butterflies are poisonous to birds…

Be safe, not sorry.